Power Smiley - Logo of this website


Welcome to my new website!

The old one was getting a bit dusty and … well… outdated, so I opted for the full reboot and updated everything. In time, I will transfer the most relevant posts of the old website but mostly concentrate on producing new content on a semi-regular basis.

With the new website comes a new design. It is heavily influenced by a node-graph UI I am working on right now and that is part of the reason for the relaunch as well. More on that later. It also introduces my new mascot “Power Smiley” (see above), that is part power button, part smiley face and while I find it to be quite a nice idea, I couldn’t find any existing, similar brands on the interwebs. So now it’s mine =)

And about the title: as a blog mainly targeted at programmers, “Talking to Machines” is a fitting (if a bit sensational) description of what the software development process feels like — at least to me. It also leaves open the possibility for future expansion into AI and human-machine interfaces, a topic I am very interested in and that is the focus of my current studies.