Build Python Yourself

Create a Python 3 deployment on Windows

Okay, so you are done building Python 3 and now you actually want to go out, take the interpreter and use it just like you would with a prepackaged version from

If you haven’t built the interpreter yet, refer to my previous post: Building Python 3 on Windows with Visual Studio Express — see you in a few minutes!

Getting from a built to something that almost exactly resembles the official packaged version is actually just a matter of finding files and copying them into the correct folders. I did it by looking at the official version and mirroring its structure with files from my source and built-folders. If you don’t want to do that by hand (and who could blame you), here is a python script for doing just that! You can even use your own python interpreter to run it, so it does not require any pre-installed Python to work.

Copy the script into your root-folder, named Python-3.4.2 or similar and containing (among many others) the directories Include, Lib, PC & PCbuild. Then run it from the command line with either:

for a debug installation or for the release:

The finished Python installation is copied into root/_INSTALL or root/_INSTALL_d.

As always, feedback is appreciated — so is a nice shout-out via Twitter or mail.