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The ZodiacGraph

ZodiacGraph – A general-purpose, circular node graph GUI written in C++ using Qt. This is a spare-time project that I have been working on for about 4 months now, but the idea is a lot older…

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3-way XOR

Very occasionally, I stumble across a rare logic condition: a 3-way (or even n-way) XOR. There might be a better name for it, but it essentially is this problem: You want a condition with to be true iff of variables A, B, C, … only one is true.

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C++ typedef pointer template

Designing a C++ API, I came across an interesting problem lately. A member function was returning a pointer a newly created object and it wasn’t apparent (without reading the documentation) if the returned pointer was still managed by the creator class or not. I figured there should be an easy way to tell the API […]